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①Timely supply of products, and make sure to deliver it within 2-15 days nationwide.

②Strict market protection, regional division to ensure the rights and interests of the operators.

③Provide a sound operation space to ensure the investment in proportion to the profit.

④We will steadily give supports to the all-round service provided to the distributors, so as to avoid fight in isolation.

⑤Huge profit space, good after-sales service; eliminating the vicious cycle of “ lack of funding and overstock”.

⑥Offer legal operation formalities and the key large enterprise will protect and support you.

⑦Supply constantly new products for the extremely competitive market and keep boosting its competitiveness.

⑧Offer workable profit space and business opportunities, multiple channels and opportunities.

⑨Competitive agency price plus brand advantages and reputation in the same category and sufficient operation space.

⑩Strong market support, full-channel operation, support and protectiion.

⑪Stable and high product quality. From the source to the finished product and strictly control all the links to secure the product quality, making it top on the same kind