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Brand: a prolific, multiple developers
Technical advantages: national high-tech enterprise, innovation team at the provincial level, provincial-level enterprise technical centers, innovative enterprises at the provincial level, the provincial model technology innovation enterprise
Scale advantages: reach annual processing of seabuckthorn fruit production capacity of 80,000 tons of fruits and vegetables and other characteristics, with workshops, plant construction area of 30000 square meters.
Advantages of raw materials: with tens of thousands of acres of improved variety clones in saihanba hippophae rhamnoides base and certified organic.
Product advantages: natural organic raw materials, advanced production technology, traceability of inspection
R: enterprises have a provincial level technology center, innovation and entrepreneurial team, cooperation with universities and research institutions, both domestic and international most advanced technology applied to Sea buckthorn fruits and vegetables and other development.
Honors advantage: national Government ministries and local governments hundreds of honors, by the national and local level leaders care.
Credit advantages: since the plant product quality problems, no customer complaints, and AA grade credit enterprise in Hebei province.
Industry: aerospace industry of hippophae rhamnoides in Chengde with ecologic, economic and social efficiency combined with the industry.