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Self-cultivation of employees:

To be a man transcending himself, to be a man with a sense of mission, to be a man with high morality, to be a man with first class, and to be a man with team spirits.


Behavioral conduct of employees:

Being devoted, assiduous and pragmatic; being unified, collaborative and competitive; being integrated, honest and magnanimous; being inclusive and tolerate; having clear discrimination of good and evil; and having order of priority when doing business.


Company talent concept s

We pay attention on people’s morality, probe into people’s wisdom, acknowledge people’s values, value people’s emotions, maintain people’s dignity and improve people’s qualities.


Value orientation:

To offer more qualified products to the society and to create a happier life to employees.


Management tenet:

Starting from trivial stuffs, paying attention on details and accomplishing grand course; enhancing revenues, increasing incomes and reducing expenditure, aiming at high profits with low costs; putting people in the centerpiece, highlighting mechanism and implementing scientific management.


Quality concept:

Tomorrow’s market hinges on today’s quality.


Enterprise spirits:

Putting people in the center, going after excellence, making progression and keeping abreast with times