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Sea-buckthorn Legend
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Daqing Emperor yard of hippophae rhamnoides

Every fall season, all things withered, everywhere, I suppose, yard expanse of mountains, fields was extensive patches, clumps of Sea buckthorn trees and branches draped with strings of Golden bright fruit, look beyond the Earth life, and colorful. 

Speaking of yard of Sea-buckthorn is unusual, indissoluble bond with the Qing emperors, the spread of such a beautiful story.

Then 29 year of Kangxi (1690), occurred at the yard on the dam of the famous Emperor Kangxi crushed galdan Ubud through the battle of the rebellion. Two clubs fight for days, galdan defeat, starry night rate avenues of escape, Emperor Kangxi ordered pursuit.

But at this point, the Qing soldiers are all exhausted, and Dong XI Huang, listless. See the situation worried Emperor Kangxi, quickly decreed the accompanying military conditioning as soon as possible.

However, medics tried way, tried various prescriptions, is still unable to do any good. Is the occasion of Medic stranded, a local Medic of the local Sea-buckthorn, so desperation to the Kangxi Emperor Huang lying big tent, to the Kangxi Emperor bingzou: "Emperor, the minions think of medicine, do not know whether a try? ”

Kangxi Emperor, are very pleased, said: "just speak out what is on your mind. ”

Medical play: "it Mulan magical shrub growth, having spiked, Golden fruit, such as bean size, size sour and sweet, locals often eat the berries to build up their strength, to resist cold, locals call this tree and Sea-buckthorn berries called Sea-buckthorn fruit. ”

Kangxi Emperor heard that have such effect, smile, urged the military said down.

Medics will tell a story: "slaves had been seen in the history record, when Genghis Khan's Army expedition passed through here, as time was bad, many soldiers were sick, appetite, steeds during the Mercedes-Benz, too tired and does not eat grass, weak.

Genghis Khan but ordered this batch of horses abandoned in the forest of hippophae rhamnoides. Waiting for them to return back past the piece of hippophae rhamnoides forest, found abandoned horses are not only not dead, instead of restoring the old power.

Soldiers surprised a little Sea-buckthorn The magic should have so immediately to the Genghis Khan told him the matter.

After that Genghis Khan ordered Army soldiers to pick a lot of Sea-buckthorn fruit Army carry, let soldiers drink, and Sea buckthorn fruit, leaves to feed the horses. Soon, the soldiers quickly cured of diseases, each surge in appetite and spirits rose; horses are large, color bright. ”

Medics see Kangxi Emperor listening attentively flew joy, went on to play: "later, the Taoist master Qiu Chuji, according to Tang dynasty medical books of the month recorded by Wang Yaozhen seabuckthorn can enhance strength, easy appetizer sausage, eating tasty, promote digestive function, Genghis Khan has concocted a prescription of the Sea buckthorn. Genghis Khan as seabuckthorn ' Sky ' gives panacea, name it as ' jianpi longevity fruit cocktail, ' since then, Genghis Khan feel free to take and worship there, known as the ' fruit '. ”

The Kangxi Emperor to what medics said, long sigh, brought the military medical officer and level, Gran tour, promptly kill him quickly with soldiers who collect Sea-buckthorn berries cure.

Medic slurry extrusion of seabuckthorn fruit placed in the soldier's drinking water, the soldiers drink.

Sea buckthorn is amazing, a few days later, Vitale of the Qing soldiers back, vigorous and robust and powerful. Kangxi Emperor in battle strength restore, it points at the dam big, hand-picked generals, pledging personally galdan North, men stamina, courage, and this victory.

Kangxi Emperor Sea-buckthorn "Holy fruits" impressed by the odd effect of flew joy, Sea buckthorn as "magic of seabuckthorn, the essence of heaven and Earth." Yard of hippophae rhamnoides with Qing, another more sources, this is the Qianlong emperor.

In the history of the Qing dynasty, Emperor Qianlong was a long-lived monarch, reign of 60 years, lived 89 years old, is the Imperial life in the elderly. He experienced the Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, Jiaqing four, enjoy the family for seven generations.

Said Qianlong emperor of regimen, except he according to himself of experience, summary out of a "ten Chang Si not" of health key tactic zhiwai, Qianlong emperor very note into fill, but timely appropriate, and not mess fill, worth a mention of is, in Qianlong emperor of tonic in the, has one into fill top grade will with of, this is seabuckthorn, this is how thing does? Emperor Qianlong was fond of travel, Qianlong South story is almost a household name. In his lifetime, six under the Yangtze River, three times on Wutai Mountain.

Many famous mountains and great rivers, ancient Buddha left his footprint.

Qianlong, the country after the Kangxi and Qianlong, Fu minfeng objects, strength, everywhere along. But the Emperor is hard, grindstone, he goes not only for the purpose of sightseeing and enjoy the landscape flowers to sympathy with public sentiments, investigation officials; but also physical fitness and owned a mood. A long time, the Emperor is beginning to feel, often feeling tired and weak. The Emperor the Dragons wrong, which at the time was a wonderful event.

People have ideas, one of them is a master of Tibetan Buddhist monk zhangjia·ruopeiduojie. He saw the emperor as State tired of physical and mental anxiety, taught a Tantric secrets and healing way to the Qianlong emperor, Dan pill, also made from Tibetan recipes, daily doses of Emperor Qianlong.

Dan pill, which are called "Holy fruits" of drug substances, the Qianlong emperor taking this medicine, it really refreshing, rapid recovery of energy and strength. Emperor Qianlong for dumping by the clever use of Sea buckthorn, no less a lot with zhangjia·ruopeiduojie and study and learn from the cure, slowly became an expert on Sea buckthorn.

At first, Dan pill use, processing of Sea-buckthorn berries from the distant plateau into the capital, but the undying aspiration, journey to Beijing, Berry has dried and withered, very few are available, which makes zhangjia·ruopeiduojie a headache. Once, zhangjia·ruopeiduojie, accompanied by the Qianlong emperor to Mulan xunxing, was surprised to find that Mulan in the Alpine valleys of wild Sea buckthorn tree grows tall and stout, yellow berry like Golden bean, it is truly dazzling.

Zhangjia·ruopeiduojie was overjoyed, she plucked a few berries thrown into his mouth, suddenly sour, sweet juices filled mouth, sweet and sour, and tastes terrific. He thrilled to the Qianlong emperor Bing: "the Emperor, Mulan really outstanding, I have taste here bear the ' fruit ', not only full of fruit and juices filling. Chen a try knowing yard seabuckthorn nutrient-rich, Crown Group, uncertain times better than Sea buckthorn production elsewhere thousands, ranked first in the Sea buckthorn berries not belong to yard and Sea-buckthorn. ”

Qianlong emperor also smoothly picked Xia a star taste up, smacked you smacked you taste surprise was, repeatedly said: "living Buddha said very is, I big clear huangjialieyuan long out of seabuckthorn" St fruit "was extraordinary, I heard this real distribution is wide, but world seabuckthorn in big clear, big clear seabuckthorn in Magnolia, Magnolia seabuckthorn methyl world, I today only found to has" St fruit "real of home Ah. ” Since then, grew up in Mulan seabuckthorn Berry as a Queen tribute, flowing into the Palace, for the emperor to enjoy.

Medical and health very good surprised emperor Qianlong in Mulan the magical effect of Sea buckthorn, such "Holy fruits" has so addicted to frenzied levels, became a favorite of Emperor Qianlong in various tonic.

Emperor Qianlong specially write too hospital, Imperial drug cure for Sea-buckthorn fruit research, made from Sea buckthorn, Sea buckthorn pulp oil, Sea buckthorn juice and other beverages, daily.

He also commanded Mulan Superintendent Minister of hippophae rhamnoides "Holy fruits" into the WONG Wai, shall be arbitrarily picked, and Tibetan Buddhist master zhangjia·ruopeiduojie as a Tantric master and master of the country. May be the Holy fruit of hippophae rhamnoides special resistance to disease, physical fitness, beauty and magic, was able to make the Emperor health law, long Word, and to induce longevity, body building, approaching 90 and sanity, of movement, sometimes in his capacity as Overlord to ask Court, as "a perfect old man", become the longest life longevity in ancient Chinese Emperors. Yard people have left a reputation through the ages of Sea-buckthorn treasured doubly precious given to Mulan as a precious gift of nature.

Now known as the botanical treasures, the magic of fruit King plateau "Holy fruits", in the yard of this ancient land of smile, cold, strong growth, more lush and full of life.

Chengde aerospace people Alpine plant application limited responsibility company more is eye, Yu 2003 in seabuckthorn of home yards settled built factory, put was Qianlong emperor praised for methyl world of yards quality seabuckthorn made has industrialization, development production of five big series, and more than 170 more species products to its excellent of products quality, and unique full of health function hot both at home and abroad, former Emperor alone enjoy of "St fruit" became has people body health of treasures.

Later more than 300 years Hou of 2007 years of on new year's day Eve, Shi any CPC Central Committee General Secretary, and President, and CMC President of Hu Jintao, visit yards, visit people, smell yards seabuckthorn of wonders, Rao has interest of visit has yards seabuckthorn planting base, inspections has Chengde aerospace people Alpine plant application limited responsibility company, see has achieved modern production of advanced process and full of seabuckthorn products, very happy, immediately praised yards seabuckthorn for "Yu Lu essence".