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Ecological Benefits
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Improve ecological environment restoration in the chain

Sea buckthorn can not only adapt to a harsh natural environment, and its nitrogen-fixing ability is very strong, and can provide nutrients for other plants to grow, creating a livable environment, is an excellent pioneer species and mixed species. Expand the planting of seabuckthorn, enrich the variety and quantity of Sea buckthorn, can increase the animal's Habitat, expansion of its food chain, forming dense vegetation, animal swarms of good ecological environment, will not only be able to quickly restore vegetation, and can be restored as soon as possible food chain, biological diversity.

Windbreak and soil and water conservation

With the rapid development of economy, global environmental degradation has also become increasingly serious. In our country, soil erosion, desertification, drought, sandstorms and other natural disasters occur frequently, seriously endangering people's health and life safety, and severely restricted the economic development in China. Sand, soil and water conservation and improve the ecological environment there is an urgent need to solve the problem. Because of its drought resistance, barren characteristics of hippophae rhamnoides, and tiller is specially strong, can sand and soil and water conservation. And Sea-buckthorn roots with actinomycetes, Mycobacterium symbiotic form many nodules, than more nitrogen-fixing ability of soybean nodules. Sea buckthorn is a remote, arid plateau region for excellent afforestation pioneer species, can effectively carry out large-scale planting, fast recovery of vegetation, soil, erosion control, improvement of the ecological environment.

Promote the development of animal husbandry

Sea buckthorn is a high quality feed for livestock, value exceeds the standards for fine forage grass, tender leaf production of 15,945 kilograms per hectare per year, alfalfa is 2.5 times. Processing of fruit Marc of hippophae rhamnoides and seed meal contains a certain amount of fat, rich in vitamins and proteins and a variety of other active substances, is an excellent feed and feed additives. Thus in the development of seabuckthorn plant, can be very good to stimulate and promote the development of local animal husbandry, opened up new ways for farmers.


Establishment period

Many years later, forest and Sea-buckthorn trees make the desert fertile land, sand, soil and water conservation, improvement of soil ...
Seabuckthorn for blue sky Prairie audience to raise, for the benefit of human health. From Sea buckthorn into "Golden Spike"!

Wang fruit

Artificial 3-5 of hippophae rhamnoides forest, jade among the branches of fruit clusters, shining through the treetops huasheng group, growing tree has fruits of hippophae rhamnoides full branches, trees, and the secondary: poplars, ELMS and other trees, naturally occurring plant diversity.


Fruiting period

Six months of growing seabuckthorn root stretch, superior nitrogen-fixing capability provides a nutrient for the growth of other plants, creating a livable environment, Sea buckthorn contributed to restoring ecological chain.

Seedling period

Seabuckthorn for drought resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistant, tolerant of poor characteristics, was planted by various geographical, displayed at the seedling Monster vitality, renders the wonder of life in the harsh environment.