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Sea-buckthorn Knowledge
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Native, born in nature

Buckthorn fruit growing environment

Huangjialieyuan summer resort of Chengde in saihanba grows on a plant of perseverance, she or clustered in the towering mountains, or rooted in the vast desert, harsh over the millions of years of natural selection, relying on its own extraordinary vitality standing proudly in the great outdoors · · · · · ·, that is powerful and wonderful Sea-buckthorn.
Sea buckthorn is one of the oldest plants on Earth, has experienced more than 200 million years of vicissitudes, Ginkgo biloba (100 million years or so), mushaluo (about 180 million years) old. "Survival of the fittest" in such a long and ancient plants reflect incisively, whether in the cold winter, low temperatures can reach more than 40 degrees below zero in saihanba, or in the hot summer months, high lingshangliushidu the edge of Tengger Desert, so special in the two types of climates, can see Sea-buckthorn forest trees, fruit hanging branches. Scientists lamented there should have been such an amazing difference in temperature tolerance of hippophae rhamnoides, this is not any other plants do. Strong adaptability of hippophae rhamnoides, what is technically called the "resistance", and as long as she took root in a place settled down, then she will soon get used to the environment. In the Gobi desert and cancer, commonly known as the Earth barren Pisha rock area, you can see the figure of hippophae rhamnoides drought of summer, desert desolate, only green and Sea-buckthorn for the Gobi desert has brought the breath of life; the cold winter, desert snow, only the red dotted with Sea buckthorn fruit beyond the beauty. Regeneration ability of hippophae rhamnoides, known as the "Undead" tree, her roots, and germination capacity is particularly strong, cutting resistance is its outstanding feature. New Sea buckthorn forest, after several years of series of germination, they form dense scrub forest, largest of hippophae rhamnoides and its external diameter up to 20 meters. Experts made a metaphor: "South of Banyan trees, Sea buckthorn in the North".
Why Sea-buckthorn has such extraordinary vitality? Scientists are after further of research have processing following conclusion: seabuckthorn is can and various bad of survival environment phase fight, keep strong of growth situation, is and its itself complete of material based--nature by gives of near 200 species nutrition components and biological activity material is closely related to, these useful of material components to a natural of its wonderful ratio, composition has seabuckthorn robust of body, cast on has it indomitable, and gritty of tough personality.
Sea buckthorn plants is one of the most outstanding environmental and ecological protection, its root system, nitrogen fixation, resistant to drought, high temperature, resistance to infertile, salt, sand, Cheng Lin, has strong, Windbreak and soil and water conservation function by the Chinese Government as a pioneer species to control soil and water loss in the loess plateau and the Western desert.

Sea buckthorn in China, Inner Mongolia, India, and Russia, and Germany, and Italy, and Romania and other countries, which is hippophae distribution area in China's largest and most countries. At present, Shanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Hebei, Liaoning, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Tibet and other 19 provinces and autonomous regions are distributed, with a total area of 18 million acres.
County of weichang County forestry and its ecological construction in three-North protection forest construction and Jing-Jin sandstorm source control played an important role in their ecology and environment suitable for the growth of hippophae rhamnoides. Currently in weichang County of artificial seabuckthorn forest in returning farmland to forests has been planted more than 500,000 acres, company resource follow-up, clones of yudaokou dam plan on 100,000 acres of hippophae rhamnoides base, where the air is fresh, pleasant climate and abundant sunshine, soil and water purity, good soil, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and industrial pollution, undergo rigorous testing, aerospace company in Chengde raw organic foods certification.