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You are welcome to join the reservoir of talents in Chengdu Yuhangren Company.

Recruitment means:

(1) On-line recruitment: applicants can log in the website of the Company at  and seek for your appropriate job titles in the recruitment section. Click the post you want to apply and review requirements. Click on-line submission, fill in the enrollment table and click the submission.

(2) Mail recruitment: paste your picture on the resume and provide diploma, certificate of degree, professional title, copy of ID card and job you are intent to apply for.

Mail Address: Administration Department in Chengde Yuhangren Alpine Vegetation Applied Technology Co., Ltd..

Postal code: 068451

(3) E-mail application: send your resume to the Email at e-mail with topic as ‘applying for… (job title).’

(4) Applicants passing the re-test would get the phone call for recruitment within 3 to 5 work days;

(5) All resumes submitted by the applicants will enter ‘reservoir for talents’ in case that we timely contact you for job vacancies.

Matters needing attention:

(1) It is suggested that applicants use on-line means to submit the resume to guarantee long-term

(2) Applicants who submit resume by means of ‘letter’ are advised to markedly note position applied at the left down corner of the letter.

(3) Applicants are advised to note valid address and phone number for contact;

(4) The Company will keep materials from applicants as classified;

(5) Do not submit your resume without sincerity, thanks.