Chengde Yuhangren Alpine Plant Application Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading technology-oriented enterprise, established on the basis of using the abundant seabuckthorn and other fruit and vegetable resources and integrating the development, product R&D and production& marketing of seabuckthorn berry and other fruits and vegetables. Founded in 2003, the company has a registered capital of RMB 14,768,000 and total assets of RMB 140,000,000, covering an area of 4.75 hectare (47513 m²), including a floor area of 30,000 m². Among the 210 odd staff, 27 are technological personnel, and it's equipped with advanced automatic and fully-enclosed production lines, cutting-edge modern product R&D center and testing center with processing capacity reaching 80,000 tons. It has over 170 kinds of products categorized into seven major groupd: seabuckthorn jam, seabuckthorn concentrated juice, seabuckthorn health-care food, seabuckthorn functional beverage, seabuckthorn cosmetics made of seabuckthorn as well as concentrated apple juice and dried powder made of crabapple and Jinhong apples unique to this region. Besides, related production lines and plant facilities have passed QS certification and HACCP certification, and parts of our products have been qualified as organic food, and our company has also passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The new approach of separation and extraction of seabuckthorn and the natural organic seabuckthorn malic acid & its processing method have been rewarded an invention patent by the State Intellectual Property Office. 

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